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Our Phone System Services

We're there for you!  Besides our normal office hours,
we are available between 6AM and 9PM PST.  Our
services include:
- Configuration based on your needs
- Physical setup
- End-user training
- Daily support & maintenance
- Requests
- Disaster recovery
- We have multiple spare machines on hand that we
can use if your phone system goes down

Call now for a free, no obligation demo!

Operating System Updates

As part of our normal support fees, we make sure your system is up-to-date - even though that means working outside our office hours.
Phone System Updates

Same as OS updates...
Phone Firmware Updates

and the same here.

Whether you need to change the name of an extension or add a new one, it's covered!  Call routing just not working out?  We'll change it; it's covered.

Voice Overs

You can record your own custom voice overs or have us do them.  We'll change or add voice overs monthly at no additional charge.

Phone Line Vendor

Trust us when we say...it's not fun dealing with the phone company.  But it's covered!


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