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    The 3CX phone system was installed in a call
center located in Santa Ana, California and receives
approximately 58,000 calls per month.
     Installation started with 38 physical phones, over
100 extensions, and 6 softphones with two PRIs.
     Since internal calls (from extension to extension)
count as calls, we went with the 64 SC 3CX license. 14
physical phones have been added since the initial
installation and many 3CX softphones. 

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     Close to 10 incoming phone numbers (DIDs) needed to be routed to different agents and users in different ways.
One phone number was set up with a digital assistant (a recording that states who can be reached by pressing 1 or 2, dial by name, etc.) so that the caller can select a number of the person who they want to speak with. If an invalid number is pressed all extensions ring so that the caller is serviced quickly.
Several phone numbers are out-of-rate DIDs (phone numbers from different area codes) but needed to go to the same queue.
Callers to one phone number needed special attention so they were set up on their own, priority queue.
There are two other phone numbers that needed to ring on all extensions (only ring, no message) even if the agent is on a call. These two were set up as ring groups.
The phones were spread out over 7 locations
In bullet form, this is what we set up:
4 Queues - each queue has different agents as members (some agents are part of both queues). 1 queue was set up as a priority queue which routed callers to the top of the line. Both of these queues ring on line 1 of the agents' phones.
2 Ring Groups - One ring group rings on line 5 and the other on line 6
Digital Assistant or Auto-Attendant
Calling Outbound Rules - agents can leave off the main area code; 3CX will add it and a 1. Agents can dial 9 which 3CX then calls the warehouse manager's cell. If agents dial a 9 first (to get an outside line) and then the phone number, 3CX phone system deletes the 9 before attempting the call
A SIP provider is used in case of PRI failure
Transfer and on hold music - custom music "library" for each season
Queue intro prompt and background music - custom recorded
There are 7 locations that use this 3CX installation
Multiple managers who can view caller and queue statistics - the customer now knows how better to staff the call center.
A wallboard that we customized which shows current calls waiting, longest hold time, number of calls serviced, etc.
Another 3CX phone system was added in a different state and connected with this one.
All calls from each phone system are routed so they are as local as possible saving hundreds of dollars monthly

The client wanted to test what would happen if we split the agents up into smaller groups so their customers could get more familiar with a limited number of agents - to gain loyalty from the customers. We produced various reports showing wait times, hang ups (customers giving up on waiting so they hung up), etc., prior to the move. We added 6 more queues and split the agents among the groups. After reviewing the data, it was obvious that wait times increased (doubled) and the percentage of hang ups increased as well (almost doubled) so we went back to the original design.


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