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Phone System FAQ
(and vocabulary)

     We get questions about the functionality of our
phone system but also about the meaning of various
telephone system vocabulary.  If your question isn't
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What's a SIP Trunk?

3CX supports SIP Trunks.  Simply, a SIP provider is a company that provides phone service over the Internet. Because the phone calls are transmitted over the Internet, you can even subscribe to SIP providers in different countries.
     Then all calls to that country are local calls. The only "issue" is that if your Internet goes down, so do your phones. 
     However, most SIP trunk providers have failover phone numbers for those times your phone system is not reachable.
What's a PRI Line?

     3CX supports PRI lines.  A PRI line is a "phone line" that is dedicated to your location and has the ability to have 23 simultaneous calls.  This is often overkill and therefore can be wasting money.
     You will need a device called a PRI gateway.
What's a POTS Line?

3CX supports POTS lines.  POTS - plain old telephone service - i.e. old phone lines like you had (or maybe still have) in your home. 
     Because TelComs don't want to deal with these types of lines, they have gotten very expensive.

Call Recording

You can record calls on the fly or always.  You can select 1 or more extensions to always record calls.  Just don't forget to let your callers and staff know that you record the calls
Custom Music On-Hold

You can have one music file play over and over again or make a playlist so callers don't get bored.
Central Phonebook

You can integrate with your CRM and have a phonebook that you can double-click an entry to call.
Do I need an appliance?

First, an appliance is the big box you currently have mounted on your wall and no, you won't need one.  3CX is installed on a computer or virtual machine on an existing server.
Can I run 3CX on a VM?

Absolutely!  In fact, we'd rather install it on a virtual machine (VM) because it can be replicated and backed up easier.
Will you work with our IT guy or IT company?

Again, absolutely!  We won't step on anyone's toes but work together to get you up and running smoothly.
What's a remote extension?

With 3CX, if you have an Internet connection, you can have a phone.  A remote extension is a phone or the phone app that is not in the same network as the telephone system.

Think home office or remote workers.
How does licensing work?

Most phone systems charge for extra functionality or even adding extensions.  3CX doesn't.  You pay for usage.  3CX licenses work by simultaneous calls (SC).  For example, if you have a 10 person team and you never have more than 8 members on calls at the same time, an 8 SC license is what you'll need.
What does the app do?

We'll install the 3CX phone app on your PC and you can save the space of the old-school phone.  You'll need a headset (or mic and speakers) and then can make and receive calls from your computer through the phone system. OR, you can use the app to control your desk phone -  think, click on a phone number on a website and your phone starts ringing.
Where do all the savings come from?

There are three ways to save a lot on your phone bills with a 3CX phone system. The first way is to connect multiple-locations' phones to the main 3CX phone system with VoIP phones only or with another 3CX telephone system (they can be anywhere in the world with an Internet connection). From each location to another employees can call each other with an extension number. No more long distance calling between locations and you can even get rid of some or all phone lines at the remote locations!
     You can also have a US "phone line" and a "phone line" in a country you often call.  When you call that country, you will be using a local "phone line" and therefore won't have long distance charges.

Can my voicemail be emailed to me?

Not only can you have voicemail emailed to you but you can have it transcribed and emailed as well.

Are voice or web conferences included?

Yes. Audio or video conferences are a must (think WebEx/GoToMeeting).  You can start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings easily and there is no extra charge.

What's the difference between a Queue and Ring Group?

The simple answer is...A queue keeps callers waiting until an agent is free.  A ring group rings agents and then stops if no one picks up the call.  Agents don't log in/out with ring groups.  Queues are preferable 95% of the time.
What's a digital receptionist?

A message plays informing the caller of what options they have (i.e. "For Bill, press 2, for Accounting press 3..... If you would like to call by name, enter the first 3 letters of the last name."). Once the caller pushes a button, the system will direct the call to the appropriate location.
What's the differences between versions?

Standard is the base version and has no queues and few reports.  Most often we sell the Pro version.  Enterprise's big advantage is redundancy.  You can have two machines replicated with one license.
How many extensions can I have?

As many as you want - remember, licenses is based on SC not number of extensions.
Can I use 3CX with a fax machine?

Yes, but why?  :)

Instead, we'd suggest an electronic fax service until you can get rid of "faxing" completely.
We have multiple locations and would like to have 3CX telephone systems at each. Is there a benefit to having 3CX in that situation?

Absolutely. There are many but here are the top two: 1) If you bridge each of them together, you can dial the other locations with just an extension number. No phone line is used so there will be no long distance charges. 2) If one location is in a different city, state, or country, all outgoing calls (vs. internal calls) from all of the other locations TO the first location's area will be a local call. Again, there will be no long distance charges.
Does this telephone system use proprietary equipment?

Nope!  That means you aren't stuck with buying "their" appliance, "their" phones, "their" licenses....
We have 3CX but need support.  Can you help?

Yes.  We have clients that were set up by someone else but we support them.
I still have questions...

No problem. We have the answers so please call us at the number at the top of this window.


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