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What happens if your phone lines go down?....This is what we do!

    Our clients enjoy the knowledge that we have their
backs.  If their "phone lines" go down, they can still
receive their calls.  Can your phone system do that?

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     Not only do we have extra phone system "machines" that our clients can use if their phone system stops working, but we also a way so they can almost immediately continue to receive calls from their clients.

     How does that work?  We have extensions on our phone system that they can use in such emergencies.  We plan for any outage by setting up key members of their team with extensions on our phone system.  We install an app on each of the key members cell phones and setup the extensions we made for them. 

     When the outage occurs, we have the phone company forward their calls (and if you've chosen the right phone line company, it will automatically failover and calls automatically forwarded) to a phone number in our system.

     Calls come into our phone system and are routed to the apps on their cell phones.


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