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Why is 3CX the best
telephone system?



First, we listen to your needs and offer our advice on best-practice phone system configuration.  Then we configure the 3CX phone system to your specifications.

After configuring you 3CX phone system, we install it, the phones, and the 3CX Phone app onsite.

When it's good for you, one of our technicians will go onsite and train you and your staff on how to use the 3CX Phone app and phones.

Our support doesn't just include supporting your phone needs and maintenance of the phone system but also helping you change phone line providers if desired. 
New employees, need to change how calls are routed, or need to change the voice overs?  No problem, that's all included!

Phone System Updates

3CX continuously updates their software with fixes and new functionality.  We install phone system and phone firmware updates as part of our service.

Backups & Emergencies

We setup a backup schedule and monitor it daily.  If your phone system equipment ever fails, we have a backup machine we will rush onsite and restore from a backup.  If you have phone system emergencies, we're here to help; just give us a call!

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